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Hunter - Double Feature

Just in time for Halloween! Announcing the release of Hunter, Double Feature. This e-book novella contains two novelettes staring one of the heroes from Prophecy, the mysterious and extremely sexy, Hunter.

The French-Cajun bounty hunter with the scar on his face has unearthly skills, a fast gun, and a tender heart.

Hunter's Gamble excerpt:

Hunter turned and stepped through the nearest door. Outside, the half-moon rode well above the swell of land on the eastern horizon. The humid night filled his senses with the scent of moss and mud. Behind him, a single set of footfalls followed toward the back of the vessel. He turned to the railing, pulled a cheroot from his pocket, and cast a quick glance back. William Lowe stopped at the rail ten feet away, but his specter companion continued to approach.

“Madam,” Hunter murmured as the spirit strolled past.

Her head inclined, and she smiled into his eyes as she continued to the end of the boat. She fragmented over the paddle-wheel and disappeared.

Hunter and Lily Graham exceprt:

The whispers at the back of Hunter’s mind began soon after he left Emporia. He'd headed southeast toward Joplin, intending to take the shortest route home. He tried to reason with the voices, at first. A New Orleans riverboat, and a game of cards sounded mighty fine just then. But the voices insisted.

The cramp in his stomach warned him their message was not to be ignored.

But it's time to head home, before winter sets in.

Logic had nothing to do with the voices, and didn't sway them this time, either. Hunter shook his head and turned his horse southwest, hoping like hell the mild fall weather would last. As soon as their destination changed, the cramp eased, and the voices ceased to whisper. He’d been caught in a Kansas blizzard before, and it was already the end of October. But there was no choice. He knew his course in life was not always one he set for himself. And those damn voices would be the first to tell him that.

“Apologies, Roulette, ma chère.” He patted his mare's neck. “The least my troublesome friends could do is tell me what is so important in Wichita – but no, they like a mystery.”

Both Hunter's Gamble and Hunter and Lily Graham have been publsihed previously in Prairie Rose Publication antholgies, Cowboy Kisses and Cowboys, Creatures, and Caliclo, Volume 2.

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C. Marie Bowen

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