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ONE CHRISTMAS KNIGHT is a wonderful collection of Christmas stories from the medieval time period that will take hold of your imagination and not let go until long after you’ve turned the very last page.

You’ll be entranced with these seven tales of knights and their ladies from some of today’s top medieval authors, as well as some rising stars in this up-and-coming genre.

Deborah Macgillivray, Lindsay Townsend, Keena Kincaid, Livia J. Washburn, Tanya Hanson, Angela Raines, and C. Marie Bowen offer you some of the best medieval Christmas stories written, filled with romance and intrigue, laced with holiday traditions and celebrations of this rich era.

ONE CHRISTMAS KNIGHT is sure to bring you hours of enjoyment as you read on to find out how these knights and ladies will find their very own "happily-ever-after" endings at this very best time of year—Christmas!



Hawthorn and Mistletoe

Hawthorn and Mistletoe


Cursed by a Gaul Shaman in ancient times to wander the earth as an immortal, Jurian Locke is bound by both love and magic to answer his beloved's need in times of danger.


Into each new life, Agaria is born, unaware she is tied to a man by magic, unknowing that danger to her life will send forth a summons to a man she doesn't know.


Drawn together in dangerous times, his unending love is her only chance at life. His curse, the only time he can be with the only woman he will forever love.


The Call reaches him, this time, in 1328 at a tournament for King Edward III.

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