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Hunter's Gamble

Life is a gamble and Hunter knows he can't always win. If it means helping William find his family, Hunter will take that bet.


Hunter and Lily Graham

Hunter will need his extraordinary tracking skills to help Lily Graham find a missing child. Dealing with Lily would be a different problem altogether.


The Kid in Black

Nell Grant plans her revenge, but her dreams are haunted by a passionate stranger. Can Marshal Sam Kline tame her wild beauty and make her dream of love come true?

Penelope's Heart

The only thing that mattered was keeping her son safe. She never thought to see Sam Kline again, except in her dreams. For Nell, dreams have a way of coming true—if she lets them.


Hunter Chronicles
1875 - Penelope's Heart
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It has been three years since Nell Grant crept from Marshal Sam Kline’s bed in Beaumont, Texas—positive their night of wonder would end with her dancing at the end of a rope.

Raising her infant son with the help of her mother’s best friend and dreaming of Sam, Nell couldn’t help but find regret at leaving him, but at least she was with their child and safe. Her heart would have to sort out its remorse in her dreams.

When Sam arrives to investigate trouble between the troops at North Platte Station and the townsfolks, he is shocked to find Nell walking down the street with a tiny replica of himself in her arms. He vows right then never to let her escape him again, but nothing about Nell is ever that easy.

Coven Moon 2 - Pyromancer
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From across the sea, a man returns home to Boston after twenty-five years to find his family has disappeared.  What he finds instead are threats from old acquaintances, and an encounter with the woman he once loved.




At 22, Amy Prescott is a self-proclaimed spinster, content to hide her secrets and avoid displaying her awkward social skills. 



Jason Harris Seems to have the world on a string. Handsome, popular, wealthy. He has no plans to change his lifestyle except for one thing. He wants away from his family interference - to be his own man.


When Jason and Amy meet at his parents' costume soiree, they are both stunned. ​Jason, by Amy's quiet elegance and calm beauty. Amy, by a premonition of fire. 

Coven Moon 1 - Prodigy
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Ayden MacKenna moved to Boston with his family at the age of thirteen. The period when a young man's elemental-skills begin to mature. Little did he know, the Lord and Lady had blessed him with the gift of pyromancy. A rare ability to see the future, or the past, in the fire.



He'd seen Margaret James before, running across the wide yard to him, ribbons falling from her hair. But that had been a vision in the fire. What he didn't know at that moment was how large of a role they would play in each other's lives.


A pyromancer and prodigy, equally skilled in each of the magical elements, Ayden MacKenna, posed a threat to Chantal James. Not just his inability to save her husband, but his interest in her daughter.


Margaret would never be in danger of fulfilling the deadly Prophecy of the Twins, her mother would see to that.

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A French corsair, cursed with immortality, stands in open mutiny after rescuing his greatest treasure—the woman he’s bound to love for eternity—a Spanish siren, unaware of their infinite bond.

The Corsair's Tempest

A spicy short tale

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Timeless Quest




Now available at all e-book retailers.

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The inhabitants of the Shilo-Harris Ranch have withstood the attack of a powerful demon, but the battle continues. Aided now by Hunter and his mysterious magic, the group plans to defeat the monster once and for all and free the innocent soul he holds captive.



The demon, Morago, learned a valuable lesson in hubris and won’t be surprised by modern weapons and allow himself to be outnumbered again. While the demon licks his wounds, he makes plans to complete the Prophecy of the Twins on his terms.


By Fire and Earth he shall be felled, lest the twyne fail, then death shall reign.


A Prophecy resolved.     


A Passage redeemed.

Paradox - Book 3
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Timeless Quest




In 1939, the world careened towards war.


Consumed with grief over the death of his soul mate, immortal John Larson trades his spurs for the scent of the sea and the life of a merchant marine.


Condemned by an ancient curse, he’s bound to await her rebirth, for a threat to her life, and for the magical summons that will draw him to her side.


In the heart of Paris, Aubrielle Cohen is acquainted with heartache. Resolved to support her dying father, she sells flowers from a horse-drawn cart to tourists, who now flee the onset of war.


Beneath the Eiffel Tower, she learns a hard lesson about trust and meets a stranger whose presence evokes an irrational yearning in her soul.


As the Nazi war machine stands poised to invade Aubrielle's homeland, John must gain her trust, defend her life, and rekindle the passion he knows is buried deep within her heart.

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Timeless Quest




Immortal Jurian Locke is haunted by ancient memories as he walks the road toward London to enter King Edward’s last tournament of the season. Cursed by a jealous enchantress in distant times, Jurian is bound to await his soul mate’s rebirth and respond to her need in times of danger.


Lady Elena Gregory blames her lame leg for her lack of suitors. As the Earl of Hawthorn’s only daughter, she has received only two unacceptable marriage proposals. Somehow, she must appear less damaged and more desirable at the Yule tournament. No easy task when the simple act of crossing a broken field is almost more than she can accomplish.


In a time when acts of valor and chivalry are rewarded, can a simple man-at-arms hope to gain enough favor to be deemed worthy of an Earl’s daughter, and the only woman he can ever love.

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Hawthorn and Mistletoe

Cursed by a bitter enchantress in ancient times to wander the earth as an immortal, Jurian Locke is bound by both love and magic to answer his beloved's need in times of danger.

Into each new life, his soulmate is born, unaware she is tied to him by magic, unknowing that a threat to her life will send forth a summons to a man she doesn't know.

Drawn together in dangerous times—his eternal love is her single chance at life. His curse, the only time he can be with the woman who possesses his heart.

Her call reaches him, this time, in 1328 at a tournament for King Edward III.

Hawthorn and Mistletoe
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Timeless Quest



Nichole has returned to Merril’s arms, but at what cost? Amy pushed her magic to the limit in a desperate attempt to heal her friend. In doing so, she encountered another—an entity who can twist its magic through her, and promises to find Amy.

A young woman near Toronto emerges from a trance. Her fire-magic twyned with another witch’s earth-magic to save a woman’s life. For Alyse, secrets kept from her for a lifetime begin to unravel as she learns of The Prophecy, and how it has shaped her entire life.


Near New Orleans, a bounty hunter agrees to hunt the Witches who brought The Prophecy to fulfillment. In Hell, the demon, Morago, awakens to the siren’s call of elemental magic.

Prophecy - Book 2
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Passage - Book 1
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Courtney Veau has a “near death” experience, and lives for one week in her past life. When she returns to her own time, she knows how much she has lost.
The memories and emotions from her time as Nichole Harris consume her mind and heart. When she discovers Nichole's house still stands, and has a room for rent, she doesn't hesitate to take it.
Courtney soon finds her desire for Merril Shilo threatens her sanity, as he beckons from a past she can no longer reach. 


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