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Book 3:  Patriarch

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Hunter Chronicles

Short Story

1875:  Penelope's Heart

The Kid in Black ~ Part 2

It has been three years since Nell Grant crept from Marshal Sam Kline’s bed in Beaumont, Texas—positive their night of wonder would end with her dancing at the end of a rope.

Raising her infant son with the help of her mother’s best friend and dreaming of Sam, Nell couldn’t help but find regret at leaving him, but at least she was with their child and safe. Her heart would have to sort out its remorse in her dreams.

When Sam arrives to investigate trouble between the troops at North Platte Station and the townsfolks, he is shocked to find Nell walking down the street with a tiny replica of himself in her arms. He vows right then never to let her escape him again.

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Hunter Chronicles

1876:  Love Affair

Novel Length

Aubrielle's Call cover

Alexander Veau has lived the life of a bounty hunter, without bonds or family. Known only as Hunter, he is a man of dark and dangerous magic.

Raised as a lady in an exclusive New Orleans boarding school, Catherine Kline is beautiful, sophisticated, and used to getting what she wants.

In a twist of fate, they are given the knowledge they are meant to be together, to share a love that will begin the Veau family line.

Catherine, already snared by Hunter's undeniable and forbidden allure, is ready to commit herself, body and soul.

But Hunter knows the truth of his past. A truth that outlaws their marriage. Still he can no more reject his passion for Cat than he can the lives of his descendants.