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Soul of the Witch

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The Original Trilogy

Book 1 - Passage

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Courtney Veau has a “near-death” experience and lives for one week in her past life.


When she returns to her own time, she knows how much she has lost. The memories and emotions from her time as Nichole Harris consume her mind and heart.


When she discovers Nichole's house still stands and has a room for rent, she doesn't hesitate to take it.


Courtney soon finds her desire for Merril Shilo threatens her sanity, as he beckons from a past she can no longer reach. 


If Courtney could find a passage back, she would never leave Merril's side.

Book 2 - Prophecy

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Elemental magic has saved a life.
And summoned a mysterious Entity.
Worse yet, a demon has been released from hell, and is on the hunt.

From Toronto—to New Orleans—to the depths of hell,
the race is on to reach the plains east of Denver.

A magical battle for the lives of those at the Harris-Shilo Ranch is at hand.
New faces, new challenges, and new romances.

Book 3 - Paradox

3 Paradox EBOOK.JPG

​The inhabitants of the Shilo-Harris Ranch have withstood the attack of a powerful demon, but the battle continues. Aided now by Hunter and his mysterious magic, the group plans to defeat the monster once and for all and free the innocent soul he holds captive.



The demon, Morago, learned a valuable lesson in hubris and won’t be surprised by modern weapons and allow himself to be outnumbered again. While the demon licks his wounds, he makes plans to complete the Prophecy of the Twins on his terms.


By Fire and Earth he shall be felled, lest the twyne fail, then death shall reign.



A Prophecy resolved.     


A Passage redeemed.

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