Timeless Quest

Just as a trunk widens, the Soul of the Witch stories branch out in new and exciting tales of good versus evil.

Time travelers, witches, and demons face off in a struggle for eternal love, connecting deep within the roots of family and magic.

French Cajun bounty hunter. Born into a family rich with history and magic.

Hunter Chronicles

1862 Hunter's Gamble

1872 Hunter and Lily Graham

1872 The Kid in Black

1875 The Soul of the Witch

1876 Love Affair *

1876 Penelope's Heart *

Coven Moon

J.L. - Cursed Immortal

Cursed by a bitter enchantress to love only one woman for eternity, J.L. moves through the ages, marking time by the lives of his beloved, and waiting for her call.

​​Soul of the Witch

1875 Passage

1875 Prophecy

1875 Paradox

Coven Moon

1841 Prodigy

1872 Pyromancer

1876 Patriarch *


Amy and Alyse

Kept apart to prevent setting The Prophecy of the Twins into motion, they must now learn to twyne their magical skills to defend their lives.

Courtney and Nichole

A car accident and near death experience allow Courtney Veau to visit her past life. After recovering, she goes in search of proof that her trip through time was more than imagination, and is left with a life-changing decision to make.


Aided by Hunter and his mysterious magic, the inhabitants of the Shio Harris Ranch plan to defeat the demon Morago once and for all.

The Soul of the Witch Universe

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Soul of the Witch

Ayden and Margaret

Jason and Amy

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Timeless Quest

1328 Hawthorn and Mistletoe

1701 The Corsair's Tempest

1875 The Soul of the Witch

1939 Aubrielle's Call