Hunter Chronicles


A Soul of the Witch Series

1875:  Soul of the Witch

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Hunter's most recent adventure takes him to Denver and then to The Highlands Ranch, where his darkest and most dangerous magic is needed to help the residents. While he is there, he learns of an otherworldly connection to his hostess, Nichole Harris.

Love has never been in the cards for Hunter, but this time Sam Kline's sister seems to hold the winning hand, and Cat doesn't like to take "No" for an answer.

1872: Hunter and Lily Graham

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Hunter and Lily Graham is an unforgettable tale of a beautiful school marm’s love for her children that surpasses all.


When a Cajun bounty hunter known only as “Hunter” shows up, Lily Graham knows he, and no one else, can help her save a young girl.


1872: The Kid in Black

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Nell Grant lost everything and watched her life burn to the ground. A fiery-hot need for revenge keeps her moving during the day. But at night, dreams of a passionate stranger fill her empty heart.

Hunter's associate, Marshal Samuel Kline, hoped to spend a quiet Christmas reunion with his sister in New Orleans, but an urgent assignment sends him to Beaumont, Texas. In Beaumont, the local sheriff warns of another criminal, a kid who wears all black and loiters at the Silver Star Saloon.

Passions collide as Nell and Sam struggle to balance the scales between her thirst for vengeance and his sense of duty.


1865: Hunter's Gamble

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It's a gamble.


With no way to track William Lowe's missing family, Hunter intends to call upon spirit magic by using his pendulum. It's a risk he's never taken, but William's desperate story, and the specter shadowing William, convince him he needs to try.


It comes down to faith.


Iris Piler is taken from her fiance's farm by force, much like William had been taken by Confederate Soldiers three years ago. Only Iris doesn't know who these men are, or how William will find her…if he's still alive.