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Coven Moon

The Soul of the Witch prequel and series finale.

Coven Moon 1

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Ayden MacKenna moved to Boston with his family at the age of thirteen. The period when a young man's elemental-skills begin to mature. Little did he know, the Lord and Lady had blessed him with the gift of pyromancy. A rare ability to see the future, or the past, in the fire.



He'd seen Margaret James before, running across the wide yard to him, ribbons falling from her hair. But that had been a vision in the fire. What he didn't know at that moment was how large of a role they would play in each other's lives.


A pyromancer and prodigy, equally skilled in each of the magical elements, Ayden MacKenna, posed a threat to Chantal James. Not just his inability to save her husband, but his interest in her daughter.


Margaret would never be in danger of fulfilling the deadly Prophecy of the Twins, her mother would see to that.

Coven Moon 2

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Homecoming ~

Indentured for twenty years, a hostage of magic in a foreign land, Ayden MacKenna returns home seeking more than vengeance. Born a pyromancer, his unique ability with fire-magic allows him to scry flames to find clues to the future and see images of the past.


Raised to disguise her magic ~

At twenty-two, Amy Prescott is a confirmed spinster, content to protect her secrets, ponder her visions, and dream of becoming a healer.


Position and privilege ~

Handsome and popular, Jason Harris has only one goal—live life on his terms, away from Boston’s high society, his controlling parents, and the debutant they’ve chosen to become his bride.


A vision of fire ~

As Jason takes Amy’s hand at his parents’ masquerade ball, all other considerations fall aside. Despite her reputation as a recluse and a spinster, her smile tempts him and captures his heart.


When Amy steps into Jason’s arms to dance, a premonition of fire erupts around her, astounding her with its clarity.


Across town, Ayden searches the flames for a glimpse of his past love. Instead, he sees a masked couple waltz across a ballroom and wonders what this vision portends.

Soul of the Witch - 1 2 3

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Passage ~ The love of her past life calls to her across time.

          Prophecy ~ A demon stalks the family. Magic is their only defense - a race against time.

                      Paradox ~ There is always a price to pay. Given the choices, does she stay or return.

Coven Moon 3

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The series finale to both Coven moon and Soul of the Witch.


Ayden must put his life on the line for a family he never knew, and forgive the ultimate betrayal.

Coming Soon!

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