Coven Moon


A Soul of the Witch Series

Book 1 - Prodigy

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Emerging magic and new faces challenge young Ayden MacKenna to come to terms with his new skills.


The James family suffers a tragic loss, and Chantal believes everything ties back to the Propehcy of the Twins

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Book 2 - Pyromancer

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At 22, Amy Prescott is a self-proclaimed spinster, content to hide her secrets and avoid displaying her awkward social skills.


Jason Harris has the world on a string. Handsome and popular, he has no plans to change his lifestyle.


When they meet at his parents' costume soiree, they are both stunned.


Jason, by Amy's  quiet elegance and calm beauty.


Amy, by a premonition of fire. 

From across the sea, a man returns home to Boston after twenty-five years to find his family has disappeared.  What he finds instead are threats from old acquaintances, and an encounter with the woman he once loved.

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~ Paranormal Adventure with Suspense and Romance ~

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