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Critique partners. Love ‛em? Hate ‛em? Need ‛em? I’ve had more than a few. Some good, some bad. A few wandered off and got lost somewhere. Are you still out there? I’ve been told I need them, and I’ve been warned against using them. Here are a few things I’ve learned about the elusive and highly valued critique partner. 1. Never a friend or family member. Your sister might be a great Beta reader, but CP? No. 2. Where to find them? Mine have all come from on-line classes. Similar genres and similar goals are helpful. You want to publish your work, so find someone who also wants to publish. 3. Never take your CP’s word for a fact change to your manuscript. You’ve got Google. Check it out. If t

Paranormal Romance Blog Hop 7/14/15

Soul of the Witch, Book 1 - Passage Welcome! Thanks for stopping here on the Paranormal Romance Blog Hop tour. Be sure to follow the link at the bottom back for more exciting excerpts. Passage - Blurb: After a car accident, Courtney Veau has a “near death” experience, and returns to her past-life in the post-Civil War west. When she wakes in a present-day hospital, Courtney realizes she’s returned to her own hollow existence. Heartbroken, she knows she left behind not only a family she loves, but life with the man who shares her soul, a man she’ll love forever, Merril Shilo. A carriage accident nearly takes beautiful Nichole Harris’s life, stealing her memories completely. Plagued by amnesia

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