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A new Soul of the Witch series ~ Coven Moon

In your hands by Christmas!

Prodigy releases Nov. 30, 2021

Pyromancer releases Dec. 14, 2021

Ayden MacKenna has powerful magic.

- Exceptional -

Proclaimed a prodigy by the Coven's High Priest, Ayden could manipulate all four elements of magic with equal skill.

A talent he chose to hide from his peers.

- Pyromancer -

A rare skill even among the magically gifted, his visions in fire showed him cryptic scenes of the future. To others, his unreliable ability meant only heartache and despair.

- Obsession -

Chantal had witnessed more than veiled visions in her youth. She had stood beside a woman who murmured the chilling Prophecy of the Twins and then perished. Her husband, a twin, and her twin sons only served to convince her the dead woman had spoken the dire warning directly to her.

- Passion -

Ayden saw Margaret in his first fire-vision at thirteen.

From that moment on, he believed their love to be inevitable, their destiny and passion as enduring as his visions, able to overcome any obstacle. Or so he thought.


Lives are changed by a city on fire.


Indentured for twenty years, a hostage of magic in a foreign land, Ayden MacKenna returns home seeking more than vengeance. Born a pyromancer, his unique ability with fire-magic allows him to scry flames to find clues to the future and see images of the past.

~Raised to disguise her magic~

At twenty-two, Amy Prescott is a confirmed spinster, content to protect her secrets, ponder her visions, and dream of becoming a healer.

~Position and privilege~

Handsome and popular, Jason Harris has only one goal—live life on his terms, away from Boston’s high society, his controlling parents, and the debutant they’ve chosen to become his bride.

~A vision of fire~

As Jason takes Amy’s hand at his parents’ masquerade ball, all other considerations fall aside. Despite her reputation as a recluse and a spinster, her smile tempts him and captures his heart.

When Amy steps into Jason’s arms to dance, a premonition of fire erupts around her, astounding her with its clarity.

Across town, Ayden searches the flames for a glimpse of his past love. Instead, he sees a masked couple waltz across a ballroom and wonders what this vision portends.


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