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Paradox - Soul of the Witch - Book 3

I am very happy to announce that the final book in the Soul of the Witch trilogy is now on pre-sale and will be released on April 30th.

This story is everything I hoped it would be when I began writing this epic fantasy. Magic and gunfights, good versus evil, and the power of love, all come together to make this the most exciting story I've written.

In celebration, you are all invited to the Paradox Release Party on Facebook from 5pm – 11pm Central Time. There are special guest authors with giveaways, as well as a professional psychic and a medium / tarot card reader. This party should be something else!

Don’t miss it!

Without further ado, allow me to present, Paradox, the final story in the Soul of the Witch Trilogy ~

By Fire and Earth, lest death shall reign.

A Prophecy realized. A Passage retraced.


The inhabitants of the Shilo-Harris Ranch have withstood the attack of a powerful demon, but the battle continues.

Aided now by Hunter and his mysterious magic, the group plans to defeat the monster once and for all and free the innocent soul he holds captive.

The demon, Morago, learned a valuable lesson in hubris and won’t be surprised by modern weapons or allow himself to be outnumbered again. While the demon licks his wounds he makes plans to complete the Prophecy of the Twins on his terms.

By Fire and Earth he shall be felled, lest the twyne fail, then death shall reign.

A Prophecy resolved.

A Passage redeemed.

* * *


“We need to go after him!” Bayard pounded his fist on the table. “We must avenge our mother’s murder and free her spirit.”

“How will you find him?” Jim asked from beside Merril. “He could be anywhere. The only thing you know for certain is he will return for your nieces.” A look, heavy with significance passed between Alyse and Jim. “He wants them more than anything, am I right?” Jim asked Bernard. “According to this Prophecy, he’ll have to come after them. I say we lay a trap.”

“We laid a trap last night,” Amy countered. “And he nearly had us.”

“Where does he get his magic?” Merril asked. “Why would he desire your elemental magic if he already has those abilities?”

“He has our mother’s magic,” Bernard said.

“And her knowledge,” Hunter added. “I’ve no doubt this demon can pillage her thoughts as he did mine. He learned where to find you because I knew where you were.”

Beside him, Sam nodded as if it all finally made sense, and his eyes widened. “Then he has your skills as well?”

“He wasn’t interested in my gifts,” Hunter admitted. “Only where he could find the twin witches. But now that you mention it, his actions make no sense. If he covets magic, why not take mine?”

“Maybe he already has yours,” Jason said.

“No.” Hunter shook his head. “If that were true, he wouldn’t have needed my insight to their location, information I gained by the use of my skills.”

“It could be because of the Prophecy.” Alyse ran her finger around the rim of her glass. “If he had killed you like he did grandmother, the demon would have inherited your power, but the only thing he wants is the magic of the twins.” The sisters stared at each other.

“How long do we have until the demon comes back?” Jason asked.

All eyes turned again to Hunter.

They wait for you, the whisper prompted.

I don’t have their answers.

No. But you know more than you say. They need you.

I swore never to use the dark arts.

Even to save those you love?

Hunter’s gaze lifted to Cat, and then grudgingly slid to Nichole. “I would say you have time. He must make plans, gather his strength, and prepare for his next assault. Your advantage is familiar ground. You should wait for him to come to you.”

“Like Amy said, a trap didn’t work last night. What’s changed?” Bernard asked. Hunter swallowed and acquiesced to the voice gone silent inside his head. “Now you have me.”

Don’t miss out on any of the story!

Pick up Passage and Prophecy today from Amazon,

also available on Amazon Unlimited.

A passage to her past life.

A search for truth, and a choice.

A car accident and near death experience allow Courtney Veau to visit her past-life in the post-Civil War west. After recovering, she goes in search of proof that her trip through time was more than imagination. In her heart, she knows she left behind not only a family she loves, but life with the man who shares her soul. A man she’ll love forever. Merril Shilo.

Beautiful cattle heiress, Nichole Harris, is gravely injured in a carriage accident. The injury steals her memory and leaves her to rely on echoes of emotion and intuition to navigate her world. Worse, flashes of memory return, but are out of time with the world around her. Almost as though they could belong to someone else. As rivals try to take control of her life, and her ranch, she fights a desperate battle to survive.

Merril Shilo is the love of Courtney’s life—no matter when that life might be. The memories and emotions of her life as Nichole consume Courtney’s mind—and her heart. She soon finds her desire for Merril threatens her sanity, as he beckons from a time she can't reach. Courtney would give anything, even her life, to return to Nichole's life.

If only there were a passage back.

Elemental magic saves a woman’s life

and sets a dire Prophecy in motion.

Nichole has returned to Merril’s arms, but at what cost? Amy pushed her magic to its limit in a desperate attempt to heal her friend. In doing so, she encountered another—an entity who can twist its magic through her—and promises to find Amy.

A young woman near Toronto emerges from a trance. Her fire-magic twyned with another witch’s earth-magic to save a woman’s life. For Alyse, secrets kept from her for a lifetime begin to unravel as she learns of The Prophecy, and how it has shaped her life.

Near New Orleans, Hunter agrees to find the witches who brought The Prophecy to life

While the demon, Morago, awakens to the siren’s call of elemental magic.

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