Hunter - Double Feature

Just in time for Halloween! Announcing the release of Hunter, Double Feature. This e-book novella contains two novelettes staring one of the heroes from Prophecy, the mysterious and extremely sexy, Hunter. The French-Cajun bounty hunter with the scar on his face has unearthly skills, a fast gun, and a tender heart. Amazon * B&N * iTunes Hunter's Gamble excerpt: Hunter turned and stepped through the nearest door. Outside, the half-moon rode well above the swell of land on the eastern horizon. The humid night filled his senses with the scent of moss and mud. Behind him, a single set of footfalls followed toward the back of the vessel. He turned to the railing, pulled a cheroot from his pocke

Releasing October 15th - Prophecy

Welcome! This week I am celebrating the release of Prophecy, Soul of the Witch, Book 2, the second in my Soul of the Witch series. Be sure to follow the link at the bottom back for more exciting Paranormal Love excerpts. Prophecy - Available for Pre-Sale now on Amazon * B&N * iTunes * Kobo Prophecy Excerpt: “Who is Amy?” Her voice tight with controlled anger. Her grandmother and her uncles exchanged uneasy glances, but Alyse kept her gaze locked with Chantal's. Mémé had the answers. “Where did you hear that name, dear-heart?” Chantal asked with a cautious smile. All the lamps and fireplace flared for a several seconds and then returned to their former state. “I have a twin. Never mind where

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