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Paranormal Love Blog Hop 6/17/15

Welcome! Thanks for stopping here on the Paranormal Love Blog Hop tour. Be sure to follow the link at the bottom back for more exciting excerpts.

My excerpt today is from Book II in my Soul of the Witch series - Prophecy.

I expect Prophecy will be released this fall by Prairie Rose Publications.

Book I, Passage, tells the story of Courtney's return to her previous life as Nichole Harris, in 1875. Book II, Prophecy, tells of the Demon's release from hell, and the desperate race against time to reunite the twins and defeat the demon. Amy Harris's soul, and the lives of Nichole's entire family are at risk.

The Prophecy of the Twins has been fulfilled, and a chilling evil unleased, with only one desire, to seize the witch's power from Amy and her twin sister, Alyse.


The demon opened reptilian eyes. Its rest had lasted seven hundred years. What awakens me? Balled together with other slumbering demons—snakes at the mouth of hell—Morago eased away from the others.

He slithered from the knotted coil and raised his head to contemplate the gate. Bound in hell, the gate stood as a barrier between his kind and the world of men. Each of his demon brethren would confront a gate different from his, as individual as the demons themselves.

No stranger to the world of men, Morago had entered on numerous occasions. A hunter by nature, he coveted power. Any power he acquired remained his by right, by the law of the predator, the conqueror. His prey always had the ability to defeat him, and they always knew he approached.

His release from hell would have been preceded by prophecy. A foretelling for those who knew where to look and how to listen. This type of contest had played out many times over the centuries. Each triumph added to his arsenal of power. Each defeat returned him to hell.​​

Courtney Veau would give her life to return to her soul-mate, if she could only find the passage back to him.

A search through time to find a soul-mate has unleashed a chilling evil.

The Prophecy of the Twins has come to pass.

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