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Paranormal Love Blog 6/24/2015

Welcome! Thanks for stopping here on the Paranormal Love Blog Hop tour. Be sure to follow the link at the bottom back for more exciting excerpts.

Today, I have a different excerpt from my upcoming novel Prophecy.

Prophecy - Soul of the Witch - Book 2

Coming - Fall 2015


“Who is Amy?” Her voice tight with controlled anger. Her grandmother and her uncles exchanged uneasy glances, but Alyse kept her gaze locked with Chantal's. Mémé had the answers.

“Where did you hear that name, dear-heart?” Chantal asked with a cautious smile.

All the lamps and fireplace flared for a several seconds, and then returned to their former state.

“I have a twin. Never mind where I heard her name, I should have heard it from you.” Alyse's words were darts, aimed at her grandmother. “I should have known her all my life.” Sabine and Anaïs yowled and ran from the room. Once again, flames flared, far too high for safety, and fire flickered between the fingers of Alyse's clenched fists.

“Calm yourself, young lady!” Her grandmother gestured with her arm and doused every flame in the room with a thought.

The room went dark, except the for the fire Alyse held in her fist. Even her powerful grandmother could not extinguish Alyse's flame. She raised her fist, opened her fingers, and bid the tiny flame on her palm to grow. It illuminated her face and reflected in her eyes.

“I didn't know you were lying, because I never looked for lies from you—from any of you.” Her gaze passed over her uncles, then returned to Chantal and her voice lowered. “I trusted you. But make no mistake, I will truth read everything any of you tell me from now on. You know I can.” Alyse tossed her flame at the fireplace and it flared back to life, along with all the lamps in the room.

Chantal turned away from Alyse and walked into the dining room. “Bernard, make us some tea. This is going to be a long night.” With unruffled elegance, she took a seat at the head of the table.

Courtney Veau would give her life to return to her soul-mate, if she could only find the passage back to him.

A search through time to find a soul-mate has unleashed a chilling evil.

The Prophecy of the Twins has come to pass.

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